Decisions stop technology procrastination

Stop your business slipping backwards Now you are well into another quarter. Your budget is behind, and decisions are not being taken to improve things. Ignore the ‘why’ and look at some useful suggestions to help you decide on how to turn things around…


Outsourcing will improve marketing

Outsourcing much of your marketing creative and design is an effective strategy when used well. You can also save money as it is usually more affordable to outsource from companies with highly competitive marketing skills. Do some tasks take up more time…

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Presentations should be appealing

Powerpoint Presentations

Too many businesses focus on talking about how good they are, or how long you’ve been in business, rather than the client’s wants and needs. Business is not about you, it’s about your clients and offering them something different to…

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Your competitive advantage is important

Competitive advantage

Creating an effective competitive advantage will revolve around building trusted relationships, differentiation, a niche market focus. Using price as a competitive advantage can be dangerous as it can be a fast track to the bottom. A competitive advantage will contribute…

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Graphic design a key to better marketing

Graphic Design

No matter what business you are in, the ‘business as usual’ mindset must change and good graphic design will be at the core of any worthwhile changes. No change will only ensure your competitors will be more successful than you,…

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Advertising intelligently


Digital advertising technology, coupled with content marketing concepts, are opening up huge opportunities for more intelligent marketing. It is growing faster than most people can keep up. The new technologies such as personal interactive media and the use of facial-recognition, is causing a…

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Marketing automation can deliver you great results

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools and policies  to manage the user’s ability to manage are rapidly being developed. While access to product and service information and applications, is relatively advanced, marketing automation is still in the early stage of adoption. The rapid…

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Communications and your core difference


Differentiating your business can be as simple as serving a niche part of your market by offering your package in a different way, or your reputation for a special process and unique practical knowledge, or the branding related to your business…

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Lead generation and the buyers journey

Lead generation

Many business people will tell you they’ve tried all the traditional advertising methods to attract leads. Unfortunately they didn’t work for them and they were a waste of money, simply because they didn’t understand the buyers journey. They failed to realise we are now…

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