Decisions stop technology procrastination

Stop your business slipping backwards Now you are well into another quarter. Your budget is behind, and decisions are not being taken to improve things. Ignore the ‘why’ and look at some useful suggestions to help you decide on how to turn things around…


Marketing work can inhibit results

Marketing Results

Usually there is too much to do in your business and most people only do what they have to because of their work load, often leaving marketing activity to languish. You probably didn’t go into business because you wanted to be…

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Marketing focus may need tightening

Marketing focus

Your marketing focus might need to be tightened, as you are trying to be all things to all people. You really must find your target market, then go one step further and break it down into market segments and tighten your…

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Package your marketing for profit

marketing for profit

Everyone knows their branding and image is important, but many don’t pay enough attention to it. People can relate and engage if they can connect to a  marketing package. A package that links and integrates all the critical aspects of the…

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Local marketing focused on outcomes

Local marketing

Not only are there financial considerations, but few local businesses attract clients who live further than a comfortable drive away. A simple but well planned website and public relations campaign can be a great way to increase your client base.…

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Marketing tips that can make a difference

Marketing tips

Where is your marketing plan A marketing plan helps you identify your clients and develop strategies that makes your business stand out to them. Integrate your marketing effort and satisfy your clients’s wants and needs. Ensure your business model contains…

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Public relations to engage and excite

Public relations

Your clients have frustrations, problems, wants and needs, many of which have been causing them pain, day in, day out for a very long time. Try using public relations to educate, engage and excite them on how you can ease their…

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Digital strategy and cloud technology

Digital Strategy and Cloud Technology

Digital strategy combined with cloud computing provides new more robust and economic models. All designed for delivering applications and services to the business, the users and their clients. It’s easy to get a good feel for the potential of digital technology. However,…

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Blogging for fun and profit


Why do people still do blogging? They are so 2004 yet they persist. In many ways they are a nice alternative to a messy cms solution for publishing news about your business or relevant articles. Blogging can take a lot of effort…

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Strategy is More than Sales and Advertising

Strategy is More than Sales and Advertising

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a one person home-based business, to be successful you must have a sound marketing strategy. You also need to implement the associated actions consistently. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t have…

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