Modern marketing should not be confusing

Modern Marketing

Modern marketing is different No matter what business you are in, the ‘business as usual’ mindset will not pass as modern marketing. It will only ensure your competitors will be more successful than you. Now more than ever you have to focus your marketing strategy and marketing activities and make sense of them. Improve and…

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Marketing rationale must make sense

Marketing Rationale

Marketing rationale requires critical thinking Having qualified prospect visiting your website can be a bit of a lottery for many because of inappropriate marketing practices. If this is the case, it is time to start improving your marketing rationale. Treat your website, social media, mobility, big data in addition to your content like a vending…

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Digital competitive advantage

Digital competitive advantage and website design So you would like to create a compelling digital competitive advantage? A digital strategy revolves around trusted relationships. It will contribute more than anything too successful outcomes when you are competing with larger organisations. Smaller businesses are better placed than corporations to build durable and long-lasting relationships. Many minor,…

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Email lists and the marketing mix

Email Lists

Put your existing email lists to work Make advanced segmentation a part of your digital strategy with better email lists. With more segmenting criteria than ever before, you can create multiple segments and target your customers with precision. Email lists need to become a productive part of the marketing mix. Add a set of nested…

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Marketing process automation and making a start?

Marketing Automation

What is marketing process automation? Marketing process automation is the process of using software to automate your business processes and communication. It may sound complicated, but it is surprisingly easy to get started with modern technology. There is a bit of work involved in getting any marketing strategy set up. However, once it is up…

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Youtube possibilities are often overlook


For some reason, YouTube often gets overlooked as a marketing strategy So if you are you thinking of using YouTube to drive traffic to your website think long and hard and if necessary seek advice. Only about 10% of companies utilise YouTube as a marketing strategy, yet it’s one of the most influential social media…

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Outsourcing will improve marketing

Outsourcing much of your marketing creative and design is an effective strategy when used well. You can also save money as it is usually more affordable to outsource from companies with highly competitive marketing skills. Do some tasks take up more time than they’re worth? Don’t waste your valuable time trying to perform a task you either…

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Your competitive advantage is important

Competitive advantage

Creating an effective competitive advantage will revolve around building trusted relationships, differentiation, a niche market focus. Using price as a competitive advantage can be dangerous as it can be a fast track to the bottom. A competitive advantage will contribute more than anything to a SME success particularly when competing with larger organisations. Smaller businesses…

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Graphic design a key to better marketing

Graphic Design

No matter what business you are in, the ‘business as usual’ mindset must change and good graphic design will be at the core of any worthwhile changes. No change will only ensure your competitors will be more successful than you, just for want of some good graphic design being injected into your marketing effort. Now…

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Advertising intelligently


Digital advertising technology, coupled with content marketing concepts, are opening up huge opportunities for more intelligent marketing. It is growing faster than most people can keep up. The new technologies such as personal interactive media and the use of facial-recognition, is causing a shift from basic advertising to more intelligent integrated marketing. Managing all the components involved in modern…

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Marketing automation can deliver you great results

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools and policies  to manage the user’s ability to manage are rapidly being developed. While access to product and service information and applications, is relatively advanced, marketing automation is still in the early stage of adoption. The rapid adoption of mobile devices and their management is now a key driver of marketing automation.…

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Communications and your core difference


Differentiating your business can be as simple as serving a niche part of your market by offering your package in a different way, or your reputation for a special process and unique practical knowledge, or the branding related to your business and its people. Prospects really can’t tell the difference without good marketing communications The problem…

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Website Design - Sydney

Hystandard Hystandard are the largest independent forklift dealership in Sydney and represent one the world’s leading suppliers of materials handling equipment. the challenge. Hystandard Handling and Equipment required an entire website built from the ground up – customised for the ultimate customer experience, with eye-catching visuals to optimise user engagement. All this was to be…

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Marketing work can inhibit results

Marketing Results

Usually there is too much to do in your business and most people only do what they have to because of their work load, often leaving marketing activity to languish. You probably didn’t go into business because you wanted to be a marketing expert. I suspect most of you started your businesses because you wanted to…

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