Customer experience enhances competitive advantage

Are your customers sad, happy or indifferent to what you are trying to achieve? All too often businesses think of their products or services as their real competitive advantages. However, those who keep improving their customer experience are bound to have the best…


Graphic designing business talking

Graphic designing business talking

Graphic designing can set you and your company apart Graphic designing is an essential as it enhances how you communicate with your marketplace. Explicit graphics serve to convey your ideas in a better way, and the outcome is more efficient…

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Marketing process automation and making a start?

Marketing Automation

What is marketing process automation? Marketing process automation is the process of using software to automate your business processes and communication. It may sound complicated, but it is surprisingly easy to get started with modern technology. There is a bit…

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Facebook ads can focus on market segments

facebook ads

What is your Facebook ads target? Many companies rush to create Facebook ads without really thinking about their market segments. What they end up doing is targeting new unrelated audiences using a range of interests and behaviours which might relate…

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Kings Rugby Sponsorship

website design

Front Row Media is please to announce we will be sponsoring the King’s Old Boy’s Rugby Union Club (KOBS) again in 2018. Front Row Media has sponsored KOBS since 2000 We will upgrade the website which will include the following…

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Website designing decisions should be data driven

Website Designing

Having everyone agree on website designing changes can be both difficult and frustrating. When numerous stakeholders are involved in website designing decision-making, about problems arise. There can be many rambling discussions about how best to communicate with the customers. How to…

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Bitcoin seems to be getting traction?


Where did Bitcoin come from? The peer-to-peer technology underpinning Bitcoin is known as the blockchain. It is a public ledger of all transactions. Its popularity has exploded since it began in 2009. There have been many reported cases where people…

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Youtube possibilities are often overlook


For some reason, YouTube often gets overlooked as a marketing strategy So if you are you thinking of using YouTube to drive traffic to your website think long and hard and if necessary seek advice. Only about 10% of companies…

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